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    Posted by London on September 8, 2009 at 2:52 am

    Ahhh I won another one! Another amateur night!! Yaaaayyy!!
    Decided after the other one that I had so much fun I was gonna try it at another club a bit farther from where I live, so a friend and I drove down and decided to enter together… This one was definitely a lot stiffer competition, too! A much bigger club, there were six girls instead of three and I had only one friend in the crowd, plus I think all of the girls were or had been dancers at other clubs and were trying to get hired at this one… and some of them busted out some crazy pole tricks! And when I was onstage even though I thought I did decently and I pulled out a few tricks and inverts and stuff, I didn’t think that I was gonna beat the other girls… and I don’t know how it happened but then the DJ went thru one by one and somehow he announced I won first place!! Wooo!!

    Then once again I proceeded to get badmouthed by other girls, this time it was the girls that work there, because the DJ kept me on rotation to dance onstage, and they all came together in the changing room and right in front of me started talking about how the manager rigged it and I only won because im ‘blonde with big tits’ and the 2nd place girl was so much better and why was I getting to be in the rotation and ‘omg can someone please clean the pole now after her’ and things like that… to which I just looked at them and said "Hey, maybe you’re right, I wish I got to see her dances, I bet she did great. I dunno how the manager chooses" and smiled and walked onstage and made more money! It’s just a shame cuz I had so much respect for those girls and their amazing dancing and would’ve liked to talk to them nicely but they just wanted me out of there, oh well I had fun anyway!!! And the girl who got 2nd came up to me herself and said "good job you totally deserved it" even though I honestly think she probably should’ve won, but it was so nice that she was so cool

    Anyway that’s my story, thank for listening again guys! I think I’m gonna lay off the amateur nights for a while now though and maybe just go support any of my friends who want to try them!

    moth replied 14 years, 7 months ago 5 Members · 5 Replies
  • 5 Replies

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