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  • chemgoddess1

    January 27, 2010 at 11:24 pm

    We all have limitations. I have very inflexible shoulders that make some moves nearly impossible/dangerous for me. Even though I have been trying to work on getting them more flexible I have to realize that it may never be.

    I also have very long arms and legs and a very short waist so finding balance is not always easy.

    It took me the longest time to get superman. I found it easier on a skinny pole at first. And I had the WORST bruises on my inner thighs from them getting stuck on the pole while I was trying to turn over.

    I also have some upside down fear issues. Any higher than 8′ off the ground and I freak. I also cannot get past my survival mode for doing a cartwheel.

    So you are not alone!

  • MilienElayne

    January 28, 2010 at 6:40 am

    I’d say always keep trying/practicing every method of getting into and out of a trick and doing it on both sides if it’s at all possible. Just switching sides…it is sometimes amazingly easier on the other side…or I learn something new about how the trick and my body works doing it on the ‘gumbi side’. I can’t superman properly either, but I can do it from the floor and from a hip hold pike, and I can bend weird ways and do heaps of other things… so I CAN superman! I figure it’s a mixture (for me) of lack of practice, lack of exposure (to more vids…MORE!), lack of seeing it done live (rather than in videos, it’s so different) and all resulting in incorrect positioning or movement on my part. If I can’t do a move, it’s ‘not yet’, not ‘I can’t do it ever because…’. I hope every trick can be modified and worked at until it’s doable to some degree unless prevented by injury or flexibility.

    I’m pretty tall, so my superman balance is hard to hold and getting into it means I have a lot more leg to swing around. I need to start way up the pole (rather than from a floor invert) for some moves and definitely for combos, and flipping around is a bit slower and I can sometimes lose height just concentrating on getting all my limbs around

  • Layla Duvay

    January 29, 2010 at 12:22 pm

    I feel EXACTLY the same way! I love slinking around and I often feel like throwing in a trick sort of interferes with it. I did the January challenge specifically to try and overcome that and it worked, sort of! I’m not one of these people who can easily maneuver their body around around a pole with feet off the floor! I am tall and heavy with no gymnastics, circus, skating background (at my fittest I was a size 12, before babies) so with my body type, EVERY aerial is a real struggle for me. I am often amazed at how quickly my short, slight gymnastically-trained daughter picks up the moves! Sometimes I wish I’d stayed in Phys Ed instead of dropping it for more English courses, lol!
    Having said that, I do feel driven to see what I CAN do and I frequently amaze myself. Also, Veena’s tutelage has helped tremendously–she really knows how to point out the details that can spell success or failure in a move. Also, editing is your friend–Neicey just posted a super sexy vid and she edited in her gemini and the overall effect was lovely, so I’m going to try that! Nice thread, Dangerous!! Liking it!

  • Charley

    January 31, 2010 at 1:38 am

    Next time I see you I want to show how I get into Superman. Instead if going into it from gemini – extend those legs out in a V split then you can adjust your top leg and flip over. It’s much less painful.

    You are a gorgeous dancer! I love watching you dance. I think we ebb and flow with our poling and maybe you are in a learning phase right now where you are desiring to learn more – you’ve perfect everything you have up to this point – just don’t forget how awesome you are!

  • StellaStiletto

    April 1, 2010 at 4:01 pm

    Yep… I feel that way A LOT!!! Like chemgoddess1, I too have very inflexible shoulders. I have been a tennis player, runner, triathlete my whole life, all of which involve very forward and rounded movements and let’s face it: my body may never allow me to do the iguana. To say that I have accepted that would be a lie; rather, I just work on other things and wait for that time to come. If it doesn’t, hopefully maturity and common sense will have set in by then! From all the sports I have done my whole life (and still do!), my body is just accustomed to that style which means, for me, tight hamstrings also (also can’t do the rockstar spin, can’t do the spilts, and starfish: totally forget it!). But it is something I think we all struggle with. I’m sure you are still a very beautiful and talented dancer! Keep working on what you know and practice making it better and better, and putting it in combos… You rock! Best wishes!

  • polergirl

    April 1, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    Ohhhhh, so, so, so, SO many times I feel like I get in my own way. I have the strength to do things, I have the know-how to do things, I have the skill to do things…but I need to work around my body in order to do them, and it feels IMPOSSIBLE sometimes!!!!! For example, I got into superman a few times one night–and I am beginning to think it was a total fluke because I haven’t been able to repeat it consistently, and you know why? THIGH MEAT, woman. THIGH MEAT. I stick to the pole, and flipping that hip just does not want to happen, and by the time I get the hip flipped, I am so frustrated and sweaty that I lose my grip. With other tricks it’s other parts of my body.

    Of course, that thigh meat comes in really handy with some things, and then I praise it heartily and lurve it.

    But whether you are tricking or not, you are one of my favorite dancers to watch. The second (literally) I saw you post your youtube screen name, I subscribed, because you are mesmerizing and beautiful on the floor AND on the pole. So don’t sell yourself short on that, K?

  • Solya

    April 1, 2010 at 6:45 pm

    I totally feel your pain! My biggest issue is that I have NO sense of balance whatsoever. I trained in acrobatics for 6 years and still can’t hold a handstand or an elbow stand for more than 3 seconds, an even if I do I know it wasn’t intentional lol. This had been giving me lots of grief with the aysha recently.

    I also gave some tries to the spatchcock (Felix’s move) because in theory I’d be flexible enough to do it, but my legs are just too short to hold me there. My knees aren’t that bendy either

    I guess everyone has moves that they’re instinctively good at and some that you just can’t get. If I find a move totally hopeless, I drop it, maybe revisit it a couple weeks later and if it doesn’t work, I just acknowledge that and move on to stuff I’m good at

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