How to create temporary studio flooring (FREE)

I have lived in rentals for most my pole career. I’ve done my share of filling holes in many ceiling where the pole was mounted. I like to use a pole mount instead of the domes that come with the removable poles.

The two spaces (both shown in the video) had carpeting and I wanted hard flooring but we were renting. My husband got creative and we did this DIY flooring. Again, the plywood and flooring in this video was used twice and held up just fine. I sold the plywood and gave the flooring away when we moved, as I didn’t need it.


  1. This space wasn’t as nice as the other 2 I had in the last house. I’m super excited to move to our next place. I hope to put my 38 brass back up again!!!! 9ft ceilings we a bit limiting for my legs lol

  2. This is such a great idea! I actually have hardwood floors, but they’re old and creaky, so I’ve awkwardly put down rugs and yoga mats around my pole because I’m afraid that heels would be overly loud/annoying to our downstairs neighbor (and then it’s hard to wear heels at all). It seems like this could help with noise dampening, as well!

  3. how much space is needed to put a pole up? in order to be able to do the spins? i live in a small apt. and would love to put a pole but not sure how much room I need.

  4. It depends on how tall you are. What takes the most space is if you do static spins. These require you to swing the legs and arms for speed here’s a video that shows what I mean Otherwise you don’t need as mush space if you plan on doing only spinning pole or lot of tricks that keep you close. I’ve seen ppl pole in really small spaces! Here’s what I suggest…lay down in the room where you plan on setting up the pole…. reach the arms overhead at the point of where the pole might go, If your feet are clear of walls or other obstructions you have plenty of space. Space like that is more for big moves like reverse grab. If you lay down and place your head where the pole might go and your feet are clear, you’d still be fine for the most part. The standard advice is 6 feet from the center of the pole, but that doesn’t accommodate different heights.

  5. I have been looking into doing this! Im having a hard time finding the type pf planks you used, or similar ones. Do you recall where you bought them and the price it cost to cover the whole room?? Thank you!

  6. Things are different now after covid…cost has gone up tremendously 😥 we purchased everything at home depot and it WAS very reasonable. I’d say these days you might be better off going to an actual lumber supplier. I don’t have a floor in my new space because everything is so expensive right now. Trying to decide on new flooring or a large stage….