Getting Started Hooping

Veena Oct 24, 2011
Make your own hoop using the instructions in our make your hoop lesson.

Making Your Hoop

Veena Oct 22, 2011
Here is a quick and inexpensive way to make a hula hoop. You'll have plenty of supplies left to make several hoops. I do not add any water or sand to my hoops. DO NOT USE WEIGHTED HOOPS FOR THE LESSONS! Don't worry about measuring exactly. I order my

Waist Hooping

Veena Oct 25, 2011
Waist hooping is a great starting point for all body hooping. Hooping takes coordination so give yourself time.

Hip Hooping

Veena Oct 26, 2011
We'll take a look at 3 different ways to control the hoop: 1) Hip Hooping keeping the hoop on the hips, 2) Waist to hips, bringing the hoop down from waist to hips, 3) Hips to waist bringing the hoop up to the waist from the hips

Behind Pass

Veena Oct 27, 2011
I'll go over 2 different ways to pass the hoop behind you using your hands, the behind pass and helicopter pass.


Veena Oct 28, 2011
I'll show 3 different ways to bring the hoop overhead into lasso.

Neck Hooping

Veena Nov 1, 2011
We'll take a look at hooping on the neck as well as how to bring the hoop from the neck to the waist. Please be sure to use a light weight hoop not a weighted hoop.

Waist To Lasso

Veena Nov 7, 2011
I'll show you how to move the hoop from waist hooping into lasso overhead. I'll also show you how move from lasso back to your waist.

Shoulder Hooping

Veena Nov 8, 2011
I'll go over various was to begin hooping on the shoulders.

Chest Hooping

Veena Nov 10, 2011
I'll cover a few options for bringing the hoop to the chest and keeping the hoop on the chest.

Isolation Lift

Veena Nov 11, 2011
This is a great beginner trick. Focus on turning smoothly and spotting and this will help with all your turns.

Hand Hooping

Veena Nov 14, 2011
I'll go over several variations for hooping on the hands. Hooping off the body can be a great workout for the arms and hands.

Waist To Neck/Shoulder

Veena Nov 15, 2011
Let's take a look at bringing the hoop from the waist up to the neck or shoulders.

Under Leg Pass

Veena Nov 16, 2011
We'll take a look at both a horizontal and vertical pass though the legs.

Routine/Combos 1

Veena Nov 17, 2011
A routine using some of the tricks we have covered thus far.

Leg Hooping

Veena Nov 21, 2011
I'll go over how to hoop on the legs while standing. Then we'll look at how to bring the hoop back up to the waist from the knees.

Kick Up

Veena Nov 30, 2011
The kick up is a great way to move the hoop from the floor on to the legs.

Elbow Hooping

Veena Nov 22, 2011
Elbow hooping can be a fun way to transition. It's also a fun workout for the deltoids.


Veena Nov 28, 2011
In this lesson we'll cover two different ways to perform Isolations in front of the body with the hoop. Be sure you're fully warmed up before working on this trick. Shoulder mobility is needed for this trick.

Isolation Turn

Veena Nov 29, 2011
This is a beautiful trick and fun. A high level of shoulder mobility is needed for this, so a warm up before working on the isolation turn is recommended. Prepare the shoulders with with the clock stretch lesson and over under stretch lesson. These

Step Through

Veena Dec 1, 2011
This move is impressive and fun. A large hoop will make learning this trick more manageable.

Duck Out

Veena Dec 5, 2011
This is a crowd pleasing trick. I'll break it down into two levels of difficulty. You must be comfortable with neck and shoulder hooping before working on this trick.

Elbow Pass

Veena Dec 12, 2011
This is a pass that moves the hoop around the body from the side, to the front, to the side and to the back. Before working on this trick you should be comfortable with elbow hooping to the side and the front of the body with BOTH left and right.

Routine/Combos 2

Veena Dec 6, 2011
This routine will allow you to work on some fun combos.

Routine/Combos 3

Veena Dec 13, 2011
This routine has tricks that require a high level of shoulder mobility so be sure to warm up fully before working on this routine.
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