Getting Started Chair (Free)

Veena Jul 30, 2015
This video will explain how to use the chair dance lessons. Always check for related lessons below the main player for more in-depth lessons or videos that will help you achieve the main player move.

Chair Spinning

Veena Nov 18, 2015
BEGINNER: This is such a fun trick! I'll show you two of my favorite spins, but feel free to give it your own twist.

Forward Top Sit

Veena Aug 10, 2015
This lesson will breakdown important tips for successfully transitioning on and off the top back of a chair. Always use a spotter and mat.

Reverse V Sit

Veena Aug 3, 2015
This lesson will provide tips and helpful placement options including entries and exits from this pose.

Forward Top Plank

Veena Aug 5, 2015
This lesson will provide important tips to help you find balance and control for this trick.

Forward Top Plank Leg Waves

Veena Aug 17, 2015
This lesson will provide important tips to help you find balance when working with leg waves. I'll also demonstrate an optional upper body movement to increase the wow factor.

Chair Layback

Veena Aug 20, 2015
This lesson will provide tips to make this move easier and it will help you prepare for more advanced transitions.

Lying Chair Split

Veena Aug 27, 2015
This is one of my signature chair moves and I'm going to share my secrets with you. You'll learn how to gracefully enter and exit this move. Keep in mind that a full split isn't necessary. This position is also beautiful with a half split (knee

Knee Balance

Veena Mar 24, 2016
Once you understand the forward top sit transition this is a fun pose to add into a routine.

Layback Shoulder Roll

Veena Aug 23, 2015
This one requires a great deal of flexibility and skill. You must be able to perform a shoulder roll. I'll break down how to put everything together into a smooth transition off the chair. Keep in mind if the splits are not an option simply keep one

Top Hip Split

Veena Mar 9, 2016
This is an advanced Top chair move. You'll find variations for hand placement as well as options for no split.

Forward Plank To Shoulders

Veena Mar 11, 2016
ADVANCED: This is a fun and challenging advanced transition onto the shoulders. You'll learn two exits as well. Always use a spotter and a mat when working on new tricks.

Sequence 1 Arms

Veena Aug 1, 2015
This lesson will focus on arm movements while standing and sitting.

Sequence Arm 2

Veena Aug 13, 2015
This lesson will include more arm movements and seated upper body movement.

Sequence Lower body 1

Veena Sep 1, 2015
This little sequence will focus on the lower body while sitting using flirty legs.

Sequence Lunge Combo

Veena Aug 4, 2015
This is a chair dance sequence that will use a lunge across the chair and side plank.

Sit Down Stand Up

Veena Nov 17, 2015
This sequence will focus on creating interest while sitting down and coming back up to standing.

Sequence Toe Drags And Plank

Veena Nov 4, 2015
This sequence will focus on toe drags and chair top plank.

Sequence Squat Turn To Split

Veena Nov 6, 2015
In this sequence I'll be demonstrating toe drags, cross steps and we'll look at a squat turn.

Sequence Lying chair Split

Veena Nov 12, 2015
This sequence will focus on the lying pole split.

Sequence Top Sit

Veena Nov 21, 2015
This sequence will focus on using the top sit.

Sequence Advanced Dismount To Floor Work

Veena Nov 19, 2015
This is a more advanced exit from off the chair that flows into floorwork. You may want to wear a knee pad if the chair you're using is hard.

Chair Twerkout

Veena Mar 4, 2016
WORKOUT ROUTINE: The title says it all! Put on something cheeky, and join me in bouncing your way through this 17 minute routine. The routine includes a short warm up but the routine as a whole may be used as a warm up, or as a cardio session. At the

Beginner Hat Routine

Veena Mar 15, 2016
BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE: This is a dance routine. See related lessons below the main player for a full breakdown of the tricks used in this routine. I've created 2 sections, both of which are over two minutes so feel free to choose to master one at a

Beginner Showgirl Routine

Veena Mar 18, 2016
BEGINNER: This fun routine will focus on classic style movement including those hard to remember arms. Follow along with me and don't forget to smile and point your feet.

Advanced Hat Routine

Veena Mar 23, 2016
INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED - DANCE ROUTINE: See related lessons below the main player for a full breakdown of the tricks used in this routine. Follow along and have fun learning how to connect movement with chair tricks.

All levels chair dance routine

Veena Jan 26, 2020
A chair dance routine from 2019 Instagram challenge. Suitable for all levels.
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