Date: Feb 9, 2014
I'll share 5 steps and 5 tips to use when creating a pole dance routine.
CrazyKostersGreat tips! Thank you. I have the hardest time trying to put something together. I guess I get frustrated and convert back to freestyle which ends up being a lot of walking around lol
Mar 25, 2014
VeenaYou're welcome
Mar 27, 2014
MechieThis is sooo helpful!! I was just trying to put together a routine and didn't know where to start!! Veena came to the rescue!! THANK YOU!
Apr 2, 2014
NettieMarie79Sweet.I had most of those figured out last night. But I like, and hadnt thought of, the idea of using the sticky notes to organize or reorganize the routine, and use of claps to music to orchestrate sharp movements. Those were great suggestions.

I haven't looked through your combo/routine section yet. I might go through later to see of anything sticks out. But I think I'll probably wind up recording some freestyle sessions to see how things are coming naturally and then go from there.

That's one good thing about coming to pole as a dancing freak I guess. Familiar music you have emotional connection with, and simplicity of routine with techniques and movements you're comfortable with, seem to flow a little easier.

I'll let you know if I decide to use anything you've recorded in the combo/routine section though.

Thanks for the tag to this video Veena! <3
Apr 6, 2014
LuvPoleBrandisIm trying to get better at this, these tips are great!!! ❤️
Oct 19, 2015
ewebet72116You are darling! What a fabulous lesson. I need to watch it again and write everything in my journal. Thank you so much. Happy New Year. Celebrate safely 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊
Jan 1, 2016
VeenaTy! Happy new year!
Jan 1, 2016
TaraLeeI knew I was on the right track...
Apr 18, 2016
DarcetteThis is so helpful, Veena! Choreography is my biggest challenge - great to have some solid starting ppints!
Apr 19, 2016
VeenaHats great guys!
Apr 19, 2016
Nilda Carrero NievesExcellent!!!
May 12, 2017
Misti HurrikanePerfect timing that this link showed up in my email today @Veena! I have to choreograph a routine for my next pole "test out" at my home studio and I have never done anything like this before. Your tips are so helpful, and I will definitely be using some moves and combos from Studio Veena. Thank you so much.
May 11, 2018
Sparky 3Super great tips!! Love it! I definitely need to work on putting combos and routines together so I will be spending a little more time browsing yours that you have here on the website!! I like learning new pole stuff in the air but it feels more like work since i struggle in many pole moves, while dancing is more fun in my opinion! 😜
May 11, 2018
Watching your videos not only makes me fall deeper inlove with pole they also makes me want to be the healthiest strongest woman I can be.
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