whats the trick? (x-pole setup)

I just got my "updated" x-pole in the mail and of course, tried to put it together...personally, I prefer the old way to do it... I get that the keyholes they made are supposed to be better, but I'm having an issue getting pole B all the way down... aside from pounding it on the ground....is there a trick to getting it in? I nearly got it stuck with the x-joint, lol....
I contracted the joint down as much as I possibly could.... but it still doesn't seem to want to seat in all the way....

Funny thing is I remember thinking back in the day that it'd have been nice for some guidelines of some sort before... but now, I just want the old way, LOL....

12 days ago
Hmmm I don't know what would cause the joint to not go all the way in, other than making sure it's closed all the way (which you did) Did you try swapping it around with the other joint?
11 days ago
yup; which is how I got the other side in....LOL. what I didn't do is take the OTHER XJoint, and thats mainly because I remember from the other one that the bigger/longer XJoint is for the main middle part..... plus it was already attached to the other extension anyways.....lol
11 days ago
For the future people who run into the same thing..... I stood the pole up and pulled the parts together when I finally thought of it.. :-D and they slid in relatively easy..... Careful though that you don't drop it....since it goes against the instructions..... I tightened it all while holding it up though, it just felt easier to be honest...
4 days ago
After having surgery, Veena's 30 Day take off was just what I need to get back in the game, after months off the pole. I had a question for her, and it was answered right away! Thanks Veena!!
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