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If I were to invest in 1 pole DVD set, which of these 3 would you guys say would be the best bang for my buck?

- Leigh An Orsi's Be Spun (3 DVD set)

- Jamilla Deville's Art of Pole collection with or w/o her Routines (5 DVD set +/- 2 DVD routine)

- Felix Cane's new set (5 DVD set)

I am going to get Bobbi's pole DVDs cuz they appear to be the only spinny pole DVDs out there, and I DO plan on using Veena's lessions still, but I like variety. I find myself using a TON of online tools in my poling journey so I thought investing in a DVD set might be worthwhile.
Dec 3, 2011 from Oregon, United States

personally, if i was new i would want to learn from Veena, and even 2 years in i still would love to take her class. and i say this because.....i have seen and heard about pole dance DVD's' and what sets Veena apart with her online lessons, she teaches you things you must know, such as building strength before you even perform a spin, and that is very important, cause you can really hurt your arms, i was lucky and the studio i got my pole from the owner gave me a few pointers! and i know what Veena teaches cause i found a free 3 day trial link, (sorry Veena, i took 3 days that was it!! and in the new year i am going to pay for a full year so i can have full 24 hour access to lessons!! just gotta pay off the bills 1st ♥) and have to say that Veena should have a DVD herself!!!! she walks you through each move and is very clear on what you should be doing, and the amount of videos she has to offer is amazing!!!  so for me i would go with Veena, if your not already. 
Dec 3, 2011 from HFX, Nova Scotia, Canada

That's interesting, I would love to hear someone compare the Art of Pole to Felix dvds :-)

I have the complete Jamilla set with the routines, Leigh Ann's set and Bobbis first two dvds of the ones you mentioned, I do have some other sets as well.

So to answer your question: biggest bang for your buck is the Art of Pole collection :-) If you want to learn routines the routines ones are also great. You can learn them step by step. In other dvds I find myself pausing the dvd and rewinding while trying to figure out what exactly they did. Also with both dvds you have 8 2-4 (?) minute routines that will keep you busy for a while.
Dec 3, 2011

I already have Veena's lessons and will continue to use them. I would like to supplement them with a DVD set. 

Rose May: Does it cover a lot of moves? or will it all be repetition? I am hoping to find DVDs that will have moves in there that I can't find instruction for here (like the apprentice, yogini, and pixie spin for example.) Online pictures are all well and good, but they don't help in figuring out how to get into them...
Dec 3, 2011 from Oregon, United States

Well I can't really compare them to Veenas lessons as I don't use these on a regular basis (because of a slow internet connection, not because of quality :-))

Here is a list of all the moves in volume 3-5:


Plus you have a flexibility routine, a warmup and strength exercises (I think the strength exercises are only in volume 1 and 2 though).

I think it explains an apprentice variation where both legs are straight, it's called the Jamilla there. The yogini is not covered and I don't know what a pixie spin is.

(Btw I learned the yogini from emotioncatchers tutorial on youtube, she has lots of tutorials for moves that you don't usually find on dvds  :-))
Dec 3, 2011
I guess my main thing is I am looking for DVDs that contain content I cannot learn here. I probably should have said that in the original post huh?
Dec 3, 2011 from Oregon, United States

Well thats difficult, considering how many lessons Veena has

If you want one with some "really" different moves and combos and like her style I'd say get Bobbis dvds. Or maybe Jamillas routine dvds, if you want routines.

Oh by the way, in the art of pole are some lessons for spinning mode as well. But not so many that it would be worth buying them if you're not interested in the other lessons.
Dec 3, 2011

I think all of these dvds have been discussed before here are the links. Also try using the "search" on the forum you may find more topics on dvds.

Leigh ann (not sure if this is the dvd your wanted but [www.studioveena.com]

Felix [www.studioveena.com]

Jamilla [www.studioveena.com]
Dec 3, 2011 from San Francisco, California, United States

Okay thanks.
Dec 3, 2011 from Oregon, United States
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