Sam the girl Paid Member
Just started Veena’s videos and already bruised but working on mastering the pole sit (much to the dismay of my tender thighs 😂) Curious if there is an active Facebook group for beginners like me to ask questions and get advice? This forum is great but I feel like people are going to get sick of me ha!
Jun 23, 2020
The whole point of having discussions on the website is for asking questions 😉
Jun 24, 2020
hookedonpole Previous Paid Member
Yup, Veena's site is great for questions, input, encouragement, etc. Ohhh and surely remember learning the pole sit! It gets better. You are at the right place! Welcome to StudioVeena and the journey of pole!
Jun 25, 2020
Colleen Paid Member
Nobody will get sick of you here! Ask away! ❤️❤️ Also, embrace the bruises! They come with the territory!
Jun 26, 2020
Colleen Paid Member
Also, pole sit REALLY HURT when I was learning it. Today, it doesn’t hurt at all! Keep practicing! You’ll get used to it! ❤️❤️
Jun 26, 2020
I tried some of the moves yesterday and helped me soooo much for my stretching! Once again, Thank you!
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