XStage Stuck on Spin Mode

StrangeFox Previous Paid Member
Hey everyone! I'm asking this question on behalf of a friend. She bought an XStage Standard (not an Xstage lite) brand new from XPole in 2019. Recently she put her pole on spin and it would not go back to static afterwards. It has been up since the end of last year at her place. She has never had a problem switching it from static to spin and back again. There are 2 Xs near the two screws that turn the pole from spinning to static, and I've read the Xs on the XStage need to be aligned with the static/spin screws, but on this pole the Xs are on the same piece as the screws and neither moves.

Last night we had a virtual pole jam and I recommended tightening all of the screws at the base, which she did but that didn't help. She has contacted XPole directly but due to their high volume of requests/questions they have not answered and are not likely to for a long time. Another suggestion she received was to take the XStage apart and put it back together again, but she is not too keen on doing that just yet and is hoping there is another way.

Anyone run into this issue and have any suggestions? It has been like this for weeks and although she loves spin pole she's been unable to take regular pole classes because of this. We would both be really grateful for any help!
9 days ago
sassylina Paid Member
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