Wide Sized Shoes

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Hey everyone!
I wandered about the forums a bit, but haven't found an answer to this unfortunate conundrum...
What to do about wide feet?!
I have size 10 feet, and I only have one pair of Ellie's shoes, nice normal black platforms that I love to bits. With the Studio classes, I can now wear them more often! Our exotic pole classes are great, because they're usually pretty easy, and I can wear heels without getting stuck, and with proper instruction...
But they hurt SO MUCH!
My poor feeties are crammed all in there (they are open toe shoes) and I get a big, red line in them after an hour of wear. And, if you look at them straight on, my feet are practically folding over the sides of the shoe, like my feet are trying to eat them! Not sexy, gotta say.
I know for sure that I have wide feet, and most of the time, it's not *too* bad for me in normal shoes. I just have to make sure I get the right ones! But, I've noticed that most of the beloved stripper shoes I long for are just so very narrow!
Does anyone have any ideas for this? Has the industry moved along to include the wide footed woman? Please help! I hate having sore feet!
Jan 8, 2017
i wish i had found you when i bought my first lil mynx.... thank you for being a seemingly down to earth incredibly talented pole mom.
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