What are some Misconceptions about Pole Dance?

Hi guys! Over the past week I've been sharing misconceptions new pole dancers often have when they first start pole dancing, some even apply to those who's been at it for years. Here's a video with all 7 common misconceptions if you'd like to see it. [www.studioveena.com]

These videos all address the learning aspect of pole dance. I'm curious what you guys are seeing these days when it comes to none pole dancing folks. Back in the day we use to call them Muggles. What sort of comments do you get when you talk about pole dance, how informed or uninformed are people these days?

Here's what I encounter when I tell people what I do. They always say, "wow! that takes a lot of strength." then usually tell me about a friend or someone they know who use to pole dance.
a month ago
After having surgery, Veena's 30 Day take off was just what I need to get back in the game, after months off the pole. I had a question for her, and it was answered right away! Thanks Veena!!
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