Week 9 Elbow stands VIP plan

Week 9
Hi guys! 👋 This weeks VIP plan is all about Elbow Stands. I'll give you the info needed to rock Elbow Stands on their own or as a pole move known as the Elbow Stand Sit Up. I've also created a fun short routine for this week using the Elbow Stand sit up as the main star! If you've tried the Sit up in the past and your head gets stuck, this week is for you.

Work on whichever level of stand is appropriate for your body. 3 times per week.

Moves for the week:
Elbow stand (prep) [www.studioveena.com]

Elbow stand sit up [www.studioveena.com]

Elbow stand [www.studioveena.com]

DANCE ROUTINE for the week: [www.studioveena.com]

Exercises for the week: I suggest doing each workout routine 2 times per week. Making sure to leave a day in between to rest the shoulder. All together you'll do these a total of 4 times.

Shoulder and ab routine [www.studioveena.com]

The stands routine [www.studioveena.com]

Work on these 2 compression exercises 3 times per week 5-15 reps. If you can only do one that's ok!
Pike compressions [www.studioveena.com]

V sit compressions [www.studioveena.com]

Let me know if I can help! I love seeing your progress and answering your questions. Remember balance takes TIME! Months of training consistently will help you reach your Elbow stand goals.
Sep 24, 2020
mystical Paid Member
I just got the lessons again today, Im going to work on this for sure, It says shoulder and abs routine and the stands routine 2 times a week, does that mean both routines back to back or one routine one day and then the other routine another day?
Dec 1, 2020
That's great! It can be same day or different days. If you're just getting back into pole I'd do different days.
Dec 1, 2020
mystical Paid Member
Thanks Veena, Once i get use to pole again I will add things to it to.
Dec 1, 2020
Club Dynasty Previous Paid Member
Love Veena's lessons! I did Veena's 30 day ab program and can now do straight leg V inverts, something I thought would never happen!
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