Veena's 30 day programmes + studio lessons = too much?

Hey everyone, I was wondering I might try Veena's programmes because I feel I've hit a plateau strength wise and that I don't fully train the muscle groups I need in the studio, which is causing me to not be able to perform certain things, for example, I can't strengthen my wrists, forearms, abs and core (mostly everything LOL) properly. That's causing me to fall behind in class and I feel discouraged that I can't improve in class, even though I'm doing the same things over and over again (not repeating the same stuff every lesson, of course, but I just keep coming back to the same things) .

So my main concern is won't I overtrain if I do the program and also go to class? How should I stucturise my weekly practice? I can't, obviously, use the rest days to go to the studio and I don't think it's a good idea to replace the active rest days with studio days. I am not going to quit the studio, because I love it and I enjoy spending time with everyone, so that's not an option. Has anyone else done this or maybe is doing right now? I currently go to the studio 3-4 times a week, one of which is stretching. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Oct 29, 2018
StrangeFox Previous Paid Member
I'm in the same boat. I'm falling behind and I've hit a plateau. I've hit a plateau before and I did manage to mix Veena's invert program with 3-4 times per week studio classes. It helped me break through that first plateau, and I'm going to be trying another of her programs this time, too. I find Veena focuses on smaller muscle groups that often get forgotten but make a big, big difference.

When I mix the programs and studio classes, I try and schedule it so that I do Veena's strength routines and the class on the same day. I sometimes have to stretch the program out longer to make sure I'm getting enough rest days. I also make sure I pay attention when I'm feeling extra sore or weak/frustrated and take some extra time to rest if I need it.

Best of luck! Let us know how it goes. :)
Oct 30, 2018
I make sure to have rest days in the programs so as long as you do your best to allow for rest then you should be fine! Since you're not a new dancer pushing from time to time can be helpful! If you start to feel like you are too tired and sore all the time then it's time to back off.
Oct 30, 2018
Thank you for the responses! I suppose I'll just try to listen to my body and if it tells me to stop, I'll stop. I really wanna do all the nice and cool strong stuff, and all I'm progressing in is flexibility (which is also nice), but it's frustrating that I'm limited by my noodle core and baby hands.
Nov 3, 2018
green3birdy Previous Paid Member
Hi GiedreB, I am taking lessons at a studio once a week while simultaneously doing Veena's 30-day programme (I recently completed the Nailed-It Caterpillar programme, and currently midway through the Shouldermount programme), so I might be able to chip in some thoughts about your queries.

Q: So my main concern is won't I overtrain if I do the program and also go to class?
A: To quote Veena, not if you do your best to allow for rest. (:

Q: How should I structurise my weekly practice?
A: Similar to StrangeFox, I have also scheduled the strength-training, conditioning and flexibility days to the days when I have my studio lessons, while also making sure that the studio lesson day also falls between (active) rest days. Although these decisions may stretch the 30-day programme window, I always make sure that rest and recovery take priority over the completion of the programme. Other personal considerations include:
→ I usually carry out Veena's lessons in the morning so that my body is sufficiently rested by the time I have my evening class.
→ I usually try to fulfil the (maximum) repetitions specified by Veena in her programs; but if I have a lesson that day and and I feel the upper limit cannot be achieved without over-tiring my muscles, I will do fewer repetitions (e.g. challenging practices such as shouldermount/dismount). But I will keep tabs of my overall repetitions completed so that I can strive to add to it the next time it comes up in the 30-day programme training regime.
→ I will also look through the entire 30-day programme (or at least the lessons for the following week) so that I can plan ahead and align the training days with my studio days.
→ Another thing that I do is to also give myself extra rest day(s), particularly if my studio lessons that day have been rather intense, before I continue with the strength/flexibility-training lessons from any of Veena's 30-day programme.

From past injuries, I have learned that the key is to train consistently, and not until the body feels uncomfortably sore. Personally, I have used almost all of the 30-day programmes (e.g. Take Off, Flexy, Invert and Caterpillar) more than once now, and words cannot express how grateful and appreciative I am for these lessons. (: For me, at least, Veena's 30-day programmes have definitely helped me nailed many dreams moves at first attempt; these include tricks such as the Outside Leg Hang/Gemini, Allegra, Superman, Brass Monkey, just to name a few.

Just like you and StrangeFox, I reached my plateau really quickly when I attended only studio lessons, but Veena's programmes helped immensely; not only did I gained strength, but I also learned proper muscle engagement and techniques to safely execute (scary!) foundation moves such as Invert, Caterpillar and Shouldermount.

Hope these help, and good luck on your pole journey! ♥️
Nov 20, 2018
Wow! Thank you so much, green3birdy, for such a thorough and detailed response, it has helped me immensely! You have given me such great advice! 💜
Nov 20, 2018
green3birdy Previous Paid Member
The pleasure's mine, GiedreB! (: And welcome back~ 💃🏼
Nov 20, 2018
dmorningstar2090 Paid Member
Where do you find these 30d programs on the website?
Nov 22, 2018
green3birdy Previous Paid Member
Under "Lessons", dmorningstar2090
Nov 22, 2018
donnalee Previous Paid Member
I just recently signed up for the your lessons and love them. I already own several DVD sets such as Felix & Jamilla. Those are wonderful as well, but I must state that I love your longer explanations and demonstrations plus the written info that appears.
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