Tips on doing straddle on spin pole ( spinning straddle)

Iceprincess Paid Member
Hi guys,
I am quite new to the site and forum. I am struggling with doing spinning straddles on spin pole. I have been practicing it for quite a while now and it is not progressing. I can do solid straddles on static pole but when on spin, my bum can't go high enough to hook the leg on the pole or even just let it spin. I was doing classes in a studio before and got stuck at the level for over a year because of that while seeing other students move up to higher levels. It is really disapppointing. :( I recently bought a pole at home and planning to practice more. I have been watching veena's videos and found very useful ! Really glad that i came across the site. If anyone has any tips on straddles, much appreciated !!
Jul 5, 2017
Welcome! Check out the Spinning pole group of lessons in the Bonus section! You'll find technique help for both forward spinning inverts and back. Here's the first lesson in for invert prep [] The rest will be in order after that one. :)
Jul 6, 2017
Iceprincess Paid Member
Thanks Veena. Your videos on shoulders and exercises are very helpful too ! :)
Jul 6, 2017
Shihyu Liu Paid Member
I am on my third day and I just love your lessons, the pole hold strength practice is exactly what I needed and I can't believe that other studios don't instruct you with this kind of basic practice
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