Thank you - So excited!

Phoenix fire bird Paid Member
I'm not sure how to message or even if we can so did this as a thread but just wanted to thank you Veena! I am now a fully fledged gold Veena student!!! Eeeek! I really appreciate the sale offer being put on especially during these times when pennies can be a bit tight. Going to focus on strength and conditioning and floor work exercises until i can buy my x-stage lite at the end of next month. Its so amazing to be starting my pole journey again!

Gone wild on my excel spread sheet this past week creating a personal plan to health and fitness covering not just exercise and nutrition but sleep and other well being targets too and now I can add in my Veena classes. Such fun to be had and so much learning to progress beyond where I was at before xxx
12 days ago
That's super exciting!!! Let me know if you have any questions along the way! Keep me posted on progress 💜
11 days ago
Phoenix fire bird Paid Member
Thank you so much I most certainly will! I did strength and conditioning yesterday and while i haven't yet got my pole I shall be doing hula hooping instead. I look forward to sharing my journey with you all, such a supportive group xxx
10 days ago
After 2 months of struggling with improving my flexibility I've started 30 days to flexy and I've noticed that I can do deeper front spilt at day 10! Thank you Veena.
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