Tarnished Brass Pole

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So I was given a permanent mount 8' brass pole. It has been stored outside for quite a while and is heavily tarnished. The top 1/3 of the pole has polished pretty well with Brasso cleaner but the bottom 2/3 (especially the lower 1/3) is really really tarnished and not wanting to polish. I'm guessing it is where the pole wasn't cleaned as well and the grease buildup from hands and whatnot has caused the tarnish to be heavier here. Just a theory. Anyone have any great solutions for cleaning a heavily tarnished brass pole?
19 days ago
Yay for brass pole.... I found this article that has a few options for cleaning brass! Can you believe catchup is one! I might try it myself on a piece of my pole that won't polish up. [www.bobvila.com] Let me know if any of these work!
18 days ago from San Francisco, California, United States
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Thank you for the article. I've never seen tomato products listed for cleaning brass...interesting...

My favorite tips were #1 coat the brass item with mineral oil to keep it from tarnishing (ha ha can you imagine!) and #2 avoid touching the brass object. Ha, ha, you bet I'd avoid touching a brass pole that had been oiled. Okay so I know those tips were for candlesticks, teapots, etc but still funny.

I think I'm going to try one of the "paste" methods and a cloth buffing wheel....

This pole also solves my space problem. I have a pole in my room but have limited space around it. This new pole will be mounted in my in-laws wood shop loft. Perfect!
17 days ago
Haha, yes some options don't apply 😂😂 I hope it works for you!
17 days ago from San Francisco, California, United States
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