Takeoff program or beginner level x?

azu polerbear Paid Member
Hi all, wondering for a recommendation on where to start. I’ve been poling for some years but the last two have been on and off, mostly off, paired with several pounds gained but no other workout to keep strength up, yet I was able to do a few moves ranging from beg to int hit and miss a couple of months ago.
If I want to get back into it, which program would be recommended? I want to build strength and review the basics but also challenge myself.

Thank you!!
Nov 29, 2021
I'd say still begin with the 30 day take off program or at the very least watch all of the videos for it and read the descriptions, if you find it's too easy. There's a lot of great info and safe training tips in this program. Then move on to level 1.
Nov 29, 2021
azu polerbear Paid Member
Will do that! Thank you so much:)
Dec 1, 2021
Phoenix Hunter Previous Paid Member
This really is such a good lesson. I swear no one could explain that the way you did. it makes so much more sense now!
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