Studioveena is 14 years old today 🎉

Thank you all. []

I love teaching pole dance, teaching is truly a passion. It's not always easy being only online. It can get a little lonely but let me say. I've had wonderful in person experiences, meeting amazing beautiful people from all over at pole events. I wouldn't be able to share my passion for teaching without your support. So thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I wanna thank those who share my videos, who tag me in comments. Thank you for telling your pole buddies and instructors about me. I appreciate you all xoxox
Jun 16, 2022
Anzia Paid Member
Congratulations Veena! That's an amazing milestone 👏🎉
Jul 6, 2022
oliviashort1788587 Paid Member
Congrats Veena! You should feel proud of this amazing community you've grown.
a month ago
How did I miis this! Sending you a giant congratulations hug!!
19 hours ago
Veena is THE BEST to learn pole online . Period with a big P. Simple, clear and awesome!
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