Strengthening knees?

ifigeniasusana9866 Paid Member
Hi all,
I am one week of the 30 day lift off and I had to take two rest days (not rejuvenation) because my knees were so sore. Any tips on knee strengthening? I never lock my knees doing any exercise but I am coming from massively being out of shape to trying to exercising every day and my knees are tired.
23 days ago
Hi! The take off program is a pretty much a full body strength program so just keep at that. Taking extra rest days is totally fine. As long as you're just experiencing soreness and not sudden, sharp pain while doing a move it's normal and will get better. 🤗💜
23 days ago
quancutie23 Paid Member
Make sure you wrap your knees and use lots of hot and cold packs. I have bad knees pole dancing helps but ive had knee surgery went to therapy loss weight. I still suffer from knee pain daily
23 days ago
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