Splits and back flexibility ! All at one session ?

So as i menrioned on my last post i'm back to flexiblity stretches, i'll be working on my back and over front splits and middle splits
So i wanna know, shold i do oversplits and back intermadiate flexibility all at the same session ? Or for ex: today: splits, the day after it'll be the back !
Ps: i strech 4 times a week
May 15, 2020
It's a bit of a complex question because several things factor in.

Are you stretching to gain or maintain? If your goal is to increase, stretching to gain flexibility, then doing 4 sessions a week is a lot, unless your a pro and it's your job. Just like strength training you need to let the muscles recover. If you're training properly you're not just passively sitting in poses.

Are you following a program for these sessions? If not it's a good idea. At least have a written plan to follow so you can track progress and switch things up once it's needed. If you split the stretching sessions you'll want to make sure you're not doubling up on muscle groups!

Are you working out or pole dancing in addition to all of this flexibility training? If so, I suggest flexibility training same day as pole or strength training. Again, that's if you are pushing for gains. Stretching to maintain can and should be done regularly. If your poling and working on flexibility you need to let your muscle recover or you'll start to feel tighter and you can end up with overuse injuries.

May 16, 2020
I'm not a professional dancer, i do zumba and a bit street dance and for that i need flexibility,

As for streches: i already have my front splits for 10 years i've been maintening them but i lost my middle splits years ago due to lack of practise

So now that i'm back to flexibility streches i wanna get my over front splits ( i don't gave them i just do splits) and wanna get middle splits

In addition to splits i wanna work on my back flexibility, i already have my bridge but i wanna tighten it and maybe get my: scorpion

I'm following youtube tutorials but i don't have a plan

So i wanted you guys to guide me with a plan, i already checked ur 30 days program, but i don't knw how often i shld do that ! And shld i do back and splits at the same session ? The same day ?

Shld i dance at the same day As i do streches ? Knwing that my dance session aren't intence

Plz i need a plan
May 16, 2020
Oh, if you're trying to use my 30 program it has all the info in it. Read all descriptions and watch the lessons fully and you'll be all set 😉
May 16, 2020
This plan is exactly what I needed to properly prepare my body for this. I can't thank you enough!
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