Spinny or Static

So far I have been learning on static because I have seen so many instructors say static is best when you are new to pole. But I see so many interm and advanced pole videos with people using spinny mode and # 2 all I have is a static pole right now but I'm going to get an xpole in a couple of months

Based on you ladies experience--especially those who self taught themselves...is it better to learn everything on static and then when you have poled for a year+ start learning those moves on spinny mode?

To me it seems like learning on static is harder because you have to work harder to keep your spin going but I don't know what do you ladies think????

Advice, thoughts?
Sep 20, 2010
chemgoddess1 Paid Member
Spinny is harder for me, one because I have a hard time controlling the amount of spin and two because trying to hold a static pose longer takes a lot of effort, especially when physics is trying to take over and fling you from the pole! And unless you are competing, 95% of the time you go to a bar they are going to have a static pole.
Sep 20, 2010
I learned on static initially, but I wish I would have trained on both. After spending over a year solely practicing on static, spin mode felt completely foreign to me and very difficult. I find spinning mode to be completely different than static mode, and much more difficult. Spinning pole requires different technique and the moves take a lot more strength due to the force of spin.. which feels like it will throw you off the pole. Also, the moves that require balance are more difficult to maneuver. I would recommend training on both, although if you're learning a completely new move that can be done on both modes, practice it a on static before moving to spin mode.
Sep 20, 2010
I learned on both static and spinny since I begun poling.
But the thing is my studio hasnt got xpoles and the spin isnt as great. It only spins like 2-3 times depending on how much momentum you use and then stops spinning.
Then recently I was competing and they had the same spin as the xpoles have. And it was so difficult to do some things on it. Sometimes the pole would just spin faster and faster and wouldnt stop and I couldnt move because I was going so fast.

Personally I wish I had been practising on that kind of spin from the very beginning. I wouldnt want to wait a year to start getting used to the spin when you could start earlier and have gotten used to it much faster.

But like I said. I started on spin when I was just beginning to pole but different type of poles seem to have different spinning. Like the xpole spin mode just goes on forever and even speeds up when the spinning mode on the poles that I use just stops spinning quickly.
Sep 20, 2010
I also wish I had learnt both from the start! After 2 years solely on static pole i decided to teach my self spinning pole and it was quite a jump! But I think that if you've got moves down securely you can take them on to spinning.

The x-poles, if installed correctly (not overtightened) spin very fast. Learning to control the spin was a challenge. I had to overcome some nausea at the start - for me it went away the more I practiced.

I love how spins are on static mode. I like being able to spin with my own momentum - that's a skill you don't develop on spinny pole, however, my spins on spinny mode really need work I'm also still cautious of handspringing on a spinny pole - all other inverts and poses I'm fairly comfortable with - I actually prefer how some things look on spinny pole.
Sep 22, 2010
I practice on both!
I always work on my inverts on static until i know how to do them, then ill try them on spinny.

I dont think either is easier. They just require different techniques.
Sep 23, 2010
I learned on static, and am still on static at the moment. Hoping to start spinny classes here soon!
Sep 23, 2010
Thanks for the replies guys this really did help me decide what I am going to do! I think I'll continue to work on static while I am still getting moves down and then graduate to trying out spinny in a few months when I have all my basic holds, poses, moves down solid. I want to be able to do it all!
Sep 23, 2010
I've always had the option of static and spin mode since I started poling, so let me clue you in on how the temptation to go on spin as a beginner becomes a reality. I purchased my pole off of polepraxis.com from Karol Helms and so I consulted her w/ all my questions. The advice she gave me about spin mode was very true. She said that she can not stand seeing beginners start out on spin and clinging for dear life because they don't know how to control it. She also said that I should give it a try after a few months on static, just to see, after I built my strength up.

Well, I decided to try spin mode within my first weeks...just to see how it worked. I jumped up into a fireman but I gave it a little too much "oomph" and I spun out of control, clinging for dear life. When I found that clinging was making it go faster I found myself in a "JANE, STOP THIS CRAZY THING!" state of mind and yet somehow managed to get down from there without flying off. (Btw, this first spin-mode attempt is featured toward the end of my video for "Yummy Down on This" if you want to take a look.) Although it looked okay in my video, I was terrified during that one spin. It seemed to last forever and it was only a couple of seconds! I vowed to never touch spin mode again until I knew I was ready for it.

Six months later I gave it another shot. I was AMAZED at how much easier it had become and so I made three videos right off the bat. (Btw these are my Six Hard Months trilogy, if you would like to see how that turned out.) Then I had to force myself to go back to static and then I realized I had kind of lost some of my strength to give myself momentum. Static was a lot harder after about two months of only practicing on spin mode. However...after I built myself back into it I found that I had a better understanding of how to give myself more momentum while on static. Spin mode kind of forces you to learn control and helps with endurance, but static requires more work to make it look good and gives you better strength.

I would definitely say that you should try spin mode when given the opportunity and if you feel you are ready for it! Beware, though, it is addicting and some of your favorite moves may have an entirely different approach on spin vs. static. Pole safe, but have fun!

? ~*Serzi
Sep 24, 2010
Lady Throttle
I tried spinny on day 3 and I like it so far. I use both static and spinny. I use static more because I am still a beginner. I find that using both helps build my strength and day by day working with both I find that I am able to do things with a lot more strength than I had the day before. Now that I read a lot of these comments about dancers who wish they had started out on both, it makes me feel a little better about my decision to use both.
Sep 28, 2010
Val Pepper Paid Member
When you say practicing on both, what does that look like? changing spinning to static in the same practice, or practicing a week on the spinning and a week on static? or does it matter? I'm a beginner and probably overly thinking hahaha.
Aug 17, 2019
Both can be practiced in the same session or just one during a single session. It's really up to you. When first learning new tricks I always have students start on static.
Aug 18, 2019
amelia2000 Previous Paid Member
I only train on spinning. If I'm trying new stuff, I just get on without momentum. That said, Xpoles are easy to switch between spinning/static, it's just a couple of screws.
I trained in a studio for about 4-5 months and we only did spinning once. When I got my first Xstage, I tentatively tried spinning, and gradually grew to find it way better than static. I find static hard to spin on- having a good enough grip to not slip, but to have a loose enough grip to actually spin.
I think it's important to introduce spinning slowly whether on your own or not, and I think you also need to have a solid climb, because that's a good way to learn how to control the spin (as in knowing that pulling yourself up so legs are nearly straight makes the spin go faster, as opposed to having very bent legs, you spin slower).
Aug 25, 2019
This is the best side splits warm up I've ever done. Really helps warming up the hamstrings and hip flexors before going into splits. Wondering why my instructors never taught us this!
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