Slipping help?

Gail 77 Paid Member
Hi everyone,
I'm pretty new to pole but I'm loving it. Your classes are amazing Veena!
So my problem is this. I know about grip aids for hands but what happens when the rest of you gets sweaty and you slide? I mean, what is up with my sweaty shins?!🤣 Has anyone else found a good solution?
Thank you!
Nov 28, 2020
Hi! So glad you're enjoying the site!!

Look for an antiperspirants grip aid. I hear good things about Carpe Lotion, some use mighty grip all over. I think there are other but can't recall them all right now. Try keeping a fan on and make sure the towel you wipe your body with is not the one you wipe the pole with.

Avoid putting lotion on for HOURS before and make sure any lotion used is non greasy, or and avoid oils.

Nov 29, 2020
JessMcG Paid Member
Dry hands helped me a bit! (its the only grip I've tried on my body) But honestly I am a really sweaty person so I usually would just call it quits for the day when I got to that point.
I will say that with my old stainless pole I would slip and slide awfully bad but I got a brass pole and its been amazing when I'm sweaty!
Nov 29, 2020
amelia2000 Previous Paid Member
Is sweat the reason you slip?
I get sweaty legs in summer, not so much now. Now (winter) if I struggle with leg grip it's because my skin is too cold or dry so I turn heating up, and do planks. If still struggling I use hair spray.
If I start sweating in summer I wipe with a towel with a bit of vinegar on (a corner) so that the vinegar removes the sweat and the towel dries it. I try to pole early in gthe morning in summer to avoid the heat.
Nov 29, 2020
These lessons are bringing me back to my passion of pole dancing.
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