Showcase 2022 Choreo Advice

niamma Paid Member
Hi everyone!

I've choreographed something for my studio's showcase in May, and I wanted to get some opinions on it. Anything that looks really nice? Any moves that look a little awkward? Something about it gives me beginner vibes and part of that is probably due to the moves I chose, but I still want to have it look more advanced by incorporating more flow/smoother transitions into my movements (and get better at controlling my facial expressions lol).

Video One: []

Video Two: []

I've linked to two videos on my profile. The first one I filmed by myself, so it's flowier in my opinion but you can't see everything (all the extended hand gestures and whatnot). The second one I had someone else film, so you can see everything, but I got nervous so the timing wasn't as good as the first (and more awkward laughter and exclaiming "Sh!t").

Anyways! Was hoping for any constructive criticism so I can do this song justice. Thanks!
Feb 7, 2022
Nice! I'll take a look tonight :)
Feb 7, 2022
Pole Raven
Lovely work! I really like your musicality and the intro pieces. I think it flows nicely on the whole, just looks like more practice/finessing would polish it off to me. Thanks for sharing!
Feb 8, 2022
niamma Paid Member
Thanks for taking the time to look it over Veena and Pole Raven!
Feb 8, 2022
Lavenia Price Previous Paid Member
I commtented on the first video, I think. They both looked good though ❤
Feb 13, 2022
OMG! it happened THANK YOU VEENA! the prep exercise is GREAT to gain the confidence I needed and make sure I wouldn't get stuck in the position!
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