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Hi all! Last year I took a course called Sexual Stories: Revealed that is about taking an introspective dive into your sexual being. You effectively write and reflect on your sexual autobiography, things to celebrate and things you need to heal from. I have recently taken the course again and been certified as a facilitator. Writing and reflecting on my sexual stories while meeting weekly with a supportive group of women has been very healing for me. I will be making my debut as a course facilitator for an 8-week online course starting Sept. 17th, and I thought this is something that might interest Veeners. I have a website,, which has lots more information. Please note that there is a registration fee, but I want to offer my debut course free of charge to any Veeners who want to commit to the experience. The StudioVeena classes and community have enriched my life so much over the years. I want to give back, and would love the opportunity to get to know some of you better! Just mention that you're a Veener in the registration form! The course is open to female-identified participants age 18+.

In pole news, I purchased my first spinning pole!  It's a 45 mm chrome X-pole for my new studio apartment with an extension for my 10 foot ceilings. I need a second person to help install it, but with social distancing my pole has been lying across the floor for weeks! Still makes me happy, just to look at it. A friend is going to pop by in a week or so to help me put it up!
Aug 23, 2020
You are definitely THE BEST at making pole tutorials. Your explanations are SO thorough!
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