Setting Pole Goals

travelerunderstars4916 Paid Member
Hey all! I was trying to set some realistic pole goals for 2017 and was wondering, how do you know what you can realistically achieve in the next year? What's a good way to make a plan that you can hit? I mean I know that I need to adjust for a busy life and all but it seems hard to know how long it would take me to learn to do things. Like for instance my goals this year are splits, a full wheel pose and to invert. Inverting I think I can do because I had it last March before I got pneumonia. Splits may or may not happen this year because I only started stretching a year ago, like couldn't even touch my toes started and now I'm maybe 10? Inches from flat? So maybe halfway? I know it can take years so I'm not pushing it but I'm just not sure if that's a great goal or not. Same with wheel pose I had zero back flexibility last year and I love veena's back flexy routine! But it's a leap to get from bridge to a full wheel pose. Anyway any and all thoughts appreciated! Thanks!
20 days ago
Phoenix Hunter Paid Member
I wouldn't set goals as in : I need to accomplish splits by the end of this year. I would set goals of things I'm gonna work on. Instead I would say a goal like: I am going to work on splits 3 times a week. You don't necessarily know when you will get the end result. So just make goals on what you want to take time to work on.
20 days ago from California, United States
LatinPoler Paid Member
Totally agree with Phoenix. You cannot know how you body is going to adapt. So setting "journey" goals instead of "finish line" goals make the most sense. Your journey will take you to the finish line anyway.
20 days ago from TX, United States
travelerunderstars4916 Paid Member
Thank you so so much!! This really helped me a lot I really appreciate it! Sorry about the delay I was on the road traveling. This makes much better sense to me and I can definently do that. I think it will help me a lot!
18 days ago
Hazi411 Paid Member
Thanks from me too! This is something I've struggled to get to grips with, especially being an older poler (62) and being unsure whether my body is going to cooperate! ;-)
17 days ago from Australia
sassylina Paid Member
I love the lessons on studio Veena. They are clear and easy to follow. I learned a lot. I have used it next to my private classes. Everytime I learned something in class I would go home and review it on studio Veena and see if Veena had some more tips.
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