Questions about Lyra

Toosessyformycat8336 Previous Paid Member
Hi all, I’m looking to purchase a Lyra and I’m curious about where to purchase from. I was wondering if it’s kind of the same deal as pole where you want to avoid a cheaper option? I had one person recommend purchasing from aerial essentials. However they’re 300+ on aerial essentials where as I can find some for 100-200 on Etsy. Would a cheaper one from Etsy be safe? Or should I opt for the more expensive one?
May 19, 2022
I like Aerial Essential a lot that's where I bought my pole wrap. However, I live in Vegas so there was no shipping. I would guess that xpole would have good Lyra's too. I think if you bought off Etsy, I'd ask about seams and see if they show photos of this. also I like a heavy lyra so I'd ask about that too.
May 20, 2022
Important is the specifications and weight limits, like it's not supposed to warp or anything under pressure. I personally would trust a big company for this more than a seller on Etsy.
Also consider whether it should be single/double tabbed or tabless?
For the record, I think my Lyra from Firetoys (Europe) cost 200$
May 22, 2022
omg i got this after 3days of practice. doesn't hurt as much anymore and i can hold hold for a lot longer now. thanks veena. your tutorials are awesome!
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