Protecting ceiling from pole

I have an x-pole xpert but am renting so can’t damage the ceiling. How could I protect it without knowing where the beam is too? Would putting a wooden board up with a yoga matt attached stop damage and be safe?
6 days ago
You have to find the beam, it can damage the ceiling if you don't and it's not safe. Use a stud finder or knock on the ceiling to find the beams and direction they run. If you find the beam you don't need anything to protect the ceiling. I have rented for years and never had a problem with my xpoles damaging the ceiling.
5 days ago
I've been poling on and off for about 3 years and only just started Veena lessons. I had done pole classes before but they did not help with building strength. Using studio Veena has made more aware about what my body is capable of.
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