Pole dance as part of my weight loss mission!!:-D

Phoenix fire bird Paid Member
Hi every one! I hope you are all ok:-) I finally got rid of my C.diff infection and unboxed my X-pole X-stage lite!! The excitement doesn't stop there either!...I have also finally been brave enough and started a YouTube channel documenting my health mission and weight loss and I will be using Pole as my main form of exercise to reach my health goals. I absolutely had to mention and link to studio Veena too so hopefully more people can enjoy the amazing Veena family! Its so amazing here and I wish more people knew about it! If anyone would be kind enough to give me some feedback and constructive criticism on how I can improve my videos I'd be so grateful to you all. Here's the link to my pole unboxing video [youtu.be] ...many apologies if this isn't allowed Veena, feel free to delete. I just wanted to share now I had finally taken the first step and wanted to know what my pole family thought xxx
19 days ago
That's great! I'm glad you shared with us. Good luck on your journey and let us/me know if there's anything else we can do to help.

The best advice I can give when it comes to social media, if YOU think a video is too long, then it's waaay too long. You want ppl to watch all the way to the end in order to create relevancy for your channel, this is pretty standard on all platforms. Some long vids are good (I have several) but having shorter vids that most will watch till the end is important for growing a channel. Feel free to keep sharing the videos here too!!
18 days ago
Phoenix fire bird Paid Member
That’s fantastic advice Veena, it’s a bit weird getting behind the camera. I wasn’t sure if to have my weekly weigh in separate to the actual main subject so it keeps the videos shorter since they are rather long! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to be able to now participate in things on here now too now that my pole is here, I shall definitely be sharing my pole progress with you all. It’s sooo great here, I love my pole family❤️💪strong people lifting eachother up xxx
18 days ago
amelia2000 Paid Member
Glad you've finally got your pole! That's taken aaages!
18 days ago
Phoenix fire bird Paid Member
Thank you Amelia, I had to wait because of the virus and its been with me for quite some time now but due to contracting C.diff infection just as it arrived (and sitting on the loo for over 2 months!) I haven't been able to use it but thankfully its here and I have finally unboxed it and I honestly couldn't be happier!!! Sooo looking forward to being able to join in on the monthly challenges now:D how are you doing? I hope all is going well for you xxx
17 days ago
Love the instruction Veena! Your instruction helped me to safely perform this move against my pole, after I practiced against my mattress.
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