Pole Recommendations for a beginner

queenbee4hive3312 Paid Member
I just joined today, but haven't purchased a pole yet. Which pole delivers what a beginner will need but can grow as I get stronger and more daring? (coated vs uncoated, spin lock out with key vs a button....anything else that I don't even know to ask). Any other accessories that are 'must have's'? Thanks for your help!!
Dec 4, 2019
Sublime Paid Member
Welcome QueenBee!
Dec 4, 2019
Buy the pole you can afford, as long as it's not a toy pole. Xpole, platinum stages and lupit are all good poles. Beginners can learn on static and spinning pole, I teach both. So if you plan on using the lessons here you will have the ability to learn either. I personally love brass and teach newbies on it as well. So it's really a matter of what you like. With all the different grip aids out there you will be able to find something to help if you find the finish you have is slick. If you have naturally sweaty hands avoid chrome. Not sure if this FB link will work but here's a video I made talking about poles.[www.facebook.com]

Don't wait until you get a pole to start conditioning! There are tons you can do right now.

Dec 5, 2019
Love the instruction Veena! Your instruction helped me to safely perform this move against my pole, after I practiced against my mattress.
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