Pole Dance blog in english from non native speaker?

PoleAdventures Paid Member
Hi Veeners

I'm about 3 years into that pole community with ups and downs. A few of you know me from my videos I shared here and on youtube, insta etc. So in this 3 years I had a lot of thoughts about pole, the life with pole, struggles, successes and so on...I often think about writing my thoughts down and did this few times but only for me. My promlem is I'm not a native english speaker (I'm from Switzerland).
But that whole pole thing is I think about 90% in english.

So my question to you, would you read a blog which isn't correct in grammar or word use? Or is there anyone who would like to correct or translate my thoughts? Or can I reach a lot of people with german blogs? Or are there already enough private pole blogs?

Please tell me your thinkings about this topic! I would like to read your opinions.

Sep 5, 2019
LatinPoler Previous Paid Member
I'm a non native English speaker and I do write a pole blog in English (link on my profile :-)). I guess it depends on how fluid you are in the language... I live in the US and I'm quite used to writing in English all the time, so it's not too bad for me. Plus I learnt pole here in English so actually it's weird to me to talk about pole in Spanish, which is my mother language. I have a good English pole vocabulary LoL I would say, give it a try. Just a piece of advice, don't expect to get tons of comments and likes... people right now usually prefer visual content and they are not too keen to read long posts, based on my experience with my blog and other very good blogs that I know. Do it for you, but not for the Gram :-) Writing a blog is a effort, not only because of the writing itself, but also the presentation, visuals, etc. I use Wordpress.
Good luck!!
PS: I've had my blog a little abandoned lately but stay tuned for an upcoming post very soon regarding my PSO competition experience! I was waiting to get the professional pictures to decorate the entry and I just got them this week so I'm ready!!
Sep 6, 2019
amelia2000 Previous Paid Member
I think the more you write, the better you'll get.
I could help you with translations if you want, like odd sentences/phrases, but translating takes ages so wouldn't want to commit to translating whole entries.
I used to be on a German pole dance forum (think it was called deutsches poledance forum), where there were blogs too, but it seems to not be active anymore- I lost my login details after focussing on aerial hoop for a while and tried to log in again after starting poling again, but never received a new password.
Sep 9, 2019
Thank you Veena, very good stretches, nicely explained and built up in the routine to the bridge/splits. Really good!
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