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Ms P Kitty
Hi everyone, I have been doing pole STRICTLY at home since February of this year. I been having trouble keeping up with practicing for a little while now and I think it’s because I don’t have the same support system that I use to have before due to the pandemic. Which is making me be more vocal online. I’m a level 1 maybe 2 because I really want to try to do inverts. I am doing all the basics spins and trying to make up some choreography to go with some of the songs I play in the car. I wanted to know if anyone needed a practice buddy online where we can practice/workout, spot if the moves are done right/wrong and cheer each on and even make a new friend in pole?
7 days ago
lwgirl1717 Paid Member
I'd love to have a new pole friend! I've been big on taking live virtual classes, which I highly recommend. I poled for about a year back in 2018, but then took almost two years off and just got back into poling in March. I'm also probably an advanced beginner -- I can climb, sit, and do a basic crucifix invert, but definitely still working on strength, especially arm strength (and especially my left arm!).
6 days ago
Fever Paid Member
Hi, there! I used to be advanced and teach pole, but now I mainly do aerial silks and so am not nearly as on top of pole as I used to be. I'm trying to get back into it more lately, so I wouldn't mind another Skype pole buddy. Plus, I see you are in Valdosta, GA--I lived there for a decade and would love to connect on that level, too. :)
2 days ago
Phoenix Hunter Previous Paid Member
I use Veena's lessons and also take studio classes. I would not be able to do what I can do without veena. Not at all. I probably would have quit. her explanation and knowledge of how the body works is amazing. she is very encouraging to beginners.
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