Planning a Personal Pole Program

Wanderpole Gina Paid Member
All the P's!

I am just wondering if there is any guidance on how to plan our own pole workout program?

I have been using your wonderful programs for a while now Veena and I love them! But, I still don't feel clear on how to actually construct my own and when I am not following yours I tend to get a bit lost. I know everyone is different but it would be so helpful to know what is best to focus on and how long between training sessions, for example, if I am trying to work on strength, flexibility and dancing, should these all be done on the same day? Should I only focus on arms/legs/abs one at a time, once a week or combine them?

I hope that all makes sense :D!
23 days ago
It totally makes sense and it is complex. However, I'm not ready to give away my secrete sauce for creating programs :) I'm available for one on ones if you'd like help coming up with a personal plan/guide. Fee free to send me an email if you're interested.
22 days ago
Wanderpole Gina Paid Member
That's exactly what I need :D! Thanks so much, I will send an email across now, I didn't even know it was possible!
22 days ago
Club Dynasty Paid Member
Love Veena's lessons! I did Veena's 30 day ab program and can now do straight leg V inverts, something I thought would never happen!
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