JAK Pole dancing

HI everybody, 

I need your help !!!

I'm contacting because I search pole dancing costumes.

This is for a competition so I don't search sexy clothes. 

If you have any link of pole dance wear or pole dancing costumes please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

Kisses JAK
Sep 1, 2012


It sounds like you are looking for costuming that is a bit less flashy, tons of options for you!


Check these out:





If you want to embellish with some racy accessories... you can never go wrong with Bad Kitty or Snaz75. Also check out the Bad Kitty 'Pole Fit' line. 


Sep 1, 2012

I think I saw some shorts on Mika that had sparkles on them that were not flashy like the sexy clothes you find I thought they were nice because they didn't look overly sexy but had a little sparkle to them.
Sep 2, 2012

Yes... Mika wear has some very nice looking garments that have a touch of bling to be catchy. 
Sep 2, 2012


A good way to get what you are looking for it to layer... Alot of our girls live by the Brazil shorts but sometimes want a little more bling... they want to stand out but remain confident in the costume. Check out pieces like the Beaded Fringe Belt ([badkittyexoticwear.com]  or take a peek at some of our body art... ([badkittyexoticwear.com] ... you can get a costume look with out the need for the costume. 

Hope this helps and good luck!

Sep 2, 2012

Thanks Bad Kitty! I didn't start the thread but you gave me some great ideas for some things I have coming up. I <3 Bad Kitty!!! 

The links didn't work for me but I went to your page and used the search feature, that fringe belt is pretty!
Sep 2, 2012

If your looking for cheap costumes you can always order directly from china, the quality is ok for the most part, and it's super cheap


here's one website a friend of mine uses, it's in chinese, but the navigation is pretty simple to figure out. 




Sep 3, 2012

be aware though the clothes from China do run REALLY small...I bought a pair of metallic boy short sort of things I couldn't them on...lol
Sep 3, 2012
dress4dancecom3852 Previous Paid Member
Perhaps you can use elements from Latin Ballroom dance outfits! They're usually made from light, colorful materials that show off some skin and look gorgeous!
Dec 30, 2022
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