Order of exercises for best progress

raz16071857 Paid Member
After a long pause with pole I am back again.
I started the 30 days on the app.
Later Im gonna do the invert.
But i also want to exercise more on flexibility and flow.
The only problem is that I dont have a lot of free time.
What would you do?
Maybe 30 days+ flexy?
Or just 30 then invert +flexy
And then Caterpillar+ flow?
16 days ago
s3r3nkk3 Paid Member
Same here! Starting again today with the 30 days takeoff + flexibility. Good luck and let's have some fun!
15 days ago
30 day take off program and flexibility works pretty good together.

You can always change the amount of sets if you need to save time.
15 days ago
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