New CORE strength routine!

I've just added a Core strengthening routine using a fit ball. You know, that big ball that sits in the corner of your pole space gathering dust. Let's put it to use!

This 22 minute routine is perfect if you're looking to improve Inverts, Shoulder mounts, or Deadlifts. Like Iguana mount, Handstand press, Elbow stand deadlift. It's great for correcting bent legs when inverting and lower body lines in general.

Let's get strong together![]
Jan 6, 2021
monica kay Paid Member
OOH!!! this sounds like what i need!
Jan 8, 2021
Phoenix Hunter
I use Veena's lessons and also take studio classes. I would not be able to do what I can do without veena. Not at all. I probably would have quit. her explanation and knowledge of how the body works is amazing. she is very encouraging to beginners.
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