My 'Mooring Line'

Cinnamon Girl
I haven't had access to a computer regularly to post more consistently but now I can! I am so greatful for your teaching tools and lessons Veena:) and not only have I been learning from you, I gain much insight from all the lovely and fierce ladies who post here!
I have had much change and transition in my life in the last year. A lot of it painful yet needed change. Pole Dance has been my "mooring line" and has kept my mind, body and soul on calmer seas of change in the midst of the storm that has passed through my life! Divorce sent me out of my small home ( see wooded floor!)I loved so dearly into a rinky dink apartment that doesn't afford me hardly any space and shag carpet---ouch and yuck! ! :/ So I am working hard now to find a home of my own and in the coming months to create a dancing space like I had in my previous home featured in my picture!
Down the road, I hope to lead the way in my small town by opening my own Pole dance studio for all the curious and fearless and fiercest who want liberation and freedom that Pole dancing gives the soul as it has my spirit!.... And I can ispire others as all of you have done for me:)
Jun 10, 2017
Big hugs and wishing you much love and luck in the future! 💜💜
Jun 11, 2017
Cinnamon Girl
Thank you so much Veena:0) That means alot to me!
Jun 11, 2017
NessaJa Paid Member
I love how you explain your lessons... I got myself a Bluetooth cordless head phone pop it in watch your videos a couple times then listen while I attempt the move :) you are awesome, thank you!
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