More Productive Trick Training Sessions - Any Tips?

StrangeFox Paid Member
I would like to have more productive trick training sessions at home. For conditioning and flexibility I know I can use the programs here, and I have other exercises I can do, too. What I want to get better at is dancing, flowing moves together, and performing tricks (not just getting tricks, but getting comfortable with them, and getting into them and out of them). I'm going to make sure I include more freestyle time in my pole sessions (limited space be damned!)

Anyone have any tips on how I can trick train more effectively? Do you choose 2 or 3 moves and work on them for about an hour or so? When choosing moves, do you pick ones you can string together in a combo? How do you decide which moves to work on? Are there certain moves you make sure you always include?
Aug 25, 2019
I would say using the flow program would be helpful. If you have done it many times already just swap out the combos you practice with more challenging ones or different ones. Freestyle often as in give freestyling to one full song a try every time you practice.
Aug 25, 2019
amelia2000 Previous Paid Member
I have the same problem really. I'm going to plan choreos to favourite songs, as when I freestyle I think I tend to do the same combos in different orders, and I end up doing the same favourite moves after each other.
As for choosing moves, there are Youtube videos with ideas of different moves you can do from other moves (e.g. Superman, Butterfly) Here's the link to the Superman one []
That helps when finding new combos, as well as Veenas lessons.
Aug 25, 2019
Micheru Previous Paid Member
The game a like to play is randomly select three tricks I know and then try to combo them together.
Aug 27, 2019
Stormy AKA PastinaBallerina Paid Member
We should just plan a group skype or something and have a class of our own online! 😂
Aug 28, 2019
StrangeFox Paid Member
Thanks so much for the great suggestions!

Amelia2000 - That video is great. I went out and found a bunch more and I have some ideas of some new trick transitions I want to try!

Once I purchase the lessons I'm going to give the flow program a try and maybe attempt to get a little creative with it. This seems like a good way to get me better acquainted with stringing tricks and transitions together. :)
Aug 31, 2019
LatinPoler Previous Paid Member
I second the 3 moves idea. Even better, think of 3 totally different moves, like a trick (like butterfly), a spin (like back hook) and a pose (like a plie in front of the pole). Then play music and practice different combinations. I attended freestyle classes and this is what we used to do, the teacher had us pick one trick, one spin and one pose and then we played with it, trying to find different ways to transition from one to another. Then we chose our favorite transition or part of the freestyle and spent some time polishing it, then freestyle again with the 3 moves and the polished transition. Mmmm, I know the theory but I've not been practicing it, I should do this more often!
Sep 3, 2019
amelia2000 Previous Paid Member
LatinPoler, that's a great idea. One day, I'll make a game out of it and draw the moves out of a hat to make me choose ones I don't like XD
Sep 4, 2019
StrangeFox Paid Member
Oooh! I like that random 3 different moves idea! And I agree picking them out of a hat would force me to work on things I wouldn't normally try. I was actually freestyling yesterday and realized I don't know many transitions, so this is a good opportunity for me to learn some more. I also want to work on my spins. I am definitely going to give that a try this weekend.
Sep 6, 2019
PoleAdventures Paid Member
StrangeFox you know I'm not a professianl poler and train only at home without classes, but i can share my training and tips with you from my 3 years experienca with home training.

My schedule is mostly this:

-Warmup (for this I use the app 7(Seven). This is a 7 minutes HIIT like training that includes a huge variation of exercises. I love the variety and I'm ever fully warm with this one.

-Strength moves/exercises. I do at least 5 different strength moves like knee tucks, straddle leg lifts on pole, shoulder mount prep exercises, leg lifts on the ground, split grip exercises, caterpillar climbs, competition climbs, climb overs.... (or other depending on your level). I do at least 2 sets with 5 reps.

-Tricks (includes all like spins, tricks etc) there I pick 3-5 tricks I'm currently working on. I do it about 5 times on EACH side.

-Tricks I already can but I would like to smooth out (do this at the end of your training because you need not the concentration as for the new ones you learn). Or I freestyle dance at this time.

-Cooldown with stretching.

Generall tips:

* EVER train the full moves with entry and end. You can gain a lot of strength and skill if you train the whole moves and not only for example the holding part of a spin.

* Train both sides, you gain lot more strength you need later!

* I ever write down little handy notes for my upcoming training. (like tiny square student scribbling blocks)

* I change my strength moves every two weeks and write that down in a journal. So I'm working on different areas.

Hope that helps you :)

Sep 6, 2019
StrangeFox Paid Member
Thank you, PoleAdventures! I love HIIT/Tabata style warm-ups! I've started recording myself and really trying to pay attention to the little things like how I invert and climb, and how gracefully (or gracelessly!) I enter/exit a move. :)
Sep 14, 2019
I don't have time to attend a studio regularly, but with, it's like having my own personal trainer by my side every time I train. It would be wonderful if all studios taught such a thorough foundation for pole!
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