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Polichurl Paid Member
Hi everyone!! So I've recently started poling just for fun for about 4 months now? By just for fun I mean I basically looked up youtube tutorials of tricks and practiced it myself, no proper training of technique, proper grips, strength work off the pole, stuff like that. So I know the basic tricks like pole walk, fireman spin, inverting, butterfly, and a few others. But I've hit a progression stump (of course, because I don't know the fundamentals!!) and I'm looking to start Veena's lessons to start poling seriously and prevent injury from my current way of learning.

So my main question - with my level of knowledge, should I start with the 30 Day Take Off Program or head first to Beginner Level 1? I think I have the strength to start at beginner level 1 but I figured I'd ask here first. I appreciate any other tips too! Thanks to everyone and I'm so excited to start the lessons!!
11 days ago
Hi, welcome! I would say if you have the strength to do a proper pole hold and side pole hold (which I assume begin that you invert) start with Beginner level 1. It might feel too easy in some respect but it will help you understand how the Veena method works. :)

If you have any questions just leave a comment on any tutorial and I'll get back to you asap, as I receive notification for those.
10 days ago
Polichurl Paid Member
Thanks so much Veena! Yeah, I can do the pole hold and side pole hold so I'll start off with beginner 1. Can't wait to start :)
10 days ago
Been on SV for 4 years and with all the support from the other pole dancer, it just feel like a big family here. Veena's lessons are the best, she always have some great tips to achieve new moves or improve my strenght and flexiblity :)
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