Looking For One on One or Group Help for Baby Poler

ashley4255 Previous Paid Member
I'm a baby poler- super newb of 3 weeks. I've been following some online videos both here and other outlets but I'm looking for a support group or someone who offers one on one support to critique and call out what I'm doing wrong via zoom/Google Hangouts.

Any help would be appreciated ❤️❤️
Feb 25, 2021
I do offer one on one zoom if you need more assistance. It's $120 for non members $95 for members and $75 for paid members. It's a 1 and half hours session. Often lasts a bit longer if we get to chatting.
Feb 26, 2021
ashley4255 Previous Paid Member
Thanks Veena for responding I really appreciate it.
I've been enjoying the first week of my trial and am seriously considering becoming a member
Mar 1, 2021
You are definitely THE BEST at making pole tutorials. Your explanations are SO thorough!
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