Lesson Tracker / Planner

bianca6579 Paid Member

It's possible that I just haven't found it, since I always get distracted by all your great videos and all the exquisite lessons, but I would SO love to have a way to track and plan my lessons that I take and follow up on.
I'm starting now with planning them on a weekly schedule in my "paper" organizer, but still...

How do you guys get tracking and planning?

I must admit I watch all kind of videos mixed - but I would like my lessons to follow each other without me forgetting what I just watched and what I actually did.

Thank you :)
Mar 25, 2021
We don't have a planner but for each lesson section it displays the last video you watched. Also at the top of the lesson section you'll see your last viewed lesson.
Mar 26, 2021
Sunshine Goddess
I love the website! Thank you for all the knowledge, time and energy you put in making poling more accessible and easy to learn!
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