Leg Warmers - A Practical Pole Purpose?

PrettyPoleNinja Paid Member
Hello All! I recently came across a tutorial that indicated it was beneficial to pole in leg warmers because it encourages your thighs and knees to do the work when gripping the pole with your legs. Is this the case? To me, the look of leg warmers is adorable (albeit a little, well....warm) and I would certainly love to incorporate them into my dancing if it meant less bruising and a new look. However, I'm next to naked when I pole just for that skin grip contact. Would wearing leg warmers hurt or hinder my progress? Warmest thanks💜
10 days ago
Honestly, if you're very new to pole don't worry about wearing leg warmers. A short sock on the climbing foot is helpful to prevent using the foot too much. Only having your knees to use would be rough until your climb skills are very good. You should be using your calf and shin too, not just the thighs.
10 days ago
[www.studioveena.com] this video talks about using the proper points of contact.
10 days ago
amelia2000 Previous Paid Member
Since getting suede boots (no grip), my climbing has improved a lot, I rely so much more on my knees and less on the feet. It means you can point yourfeet better.

But Veena is right, socks would do the trick too XD
9 days ago
Krissykiki Paid Member
your lessons are so wonderful! I had no idea how thorough your strengthening routine was.
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