Knee Pit Hold

rose44 Paid Member
Hi Veena,

I have been practicing the jasmine from standing I have really bad pain behind the upper part of my knee. Is this normal, or may it mean my contact points could be a little off? The area isn't bruised, but it feels like it, and it hurts when I bend and straighten my leg. I practiced the move for about 20 minutes.


Jan 4, 2020
Hi! That's totally normal and you might even see some bruising later.

Here's something that will help prevent unnecessary pain this. My rule for working on new tricks is limit yourself to about 10 attempts per side, 20 mins is a long time to work on one move. If you keep working on the same move over and over, chances are you will only make yourself sore and sometimes all we need is to step away, let our brain absorb what we just learned and try later in the week.
Jan 4, 2020
rose44 Paid Member
Okay, thank you!
Jan 4, 2020
This plan is exactly what I needed to properly prepare my body for this. I can't thank you enough!
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