In Home Pole Studio Insurance

swedishrose Previous Paid Member
Hi Everyone,
I am wanting to teach out of my home. I have permission and zone change from my county land use board now I need proper insurance. Do I get studio insurance? In home businesses insurance? Both? Suggestions for insurance companies please.
a month ago
Hi! I'm not sure, I'm guessing it depends on your location.
18 days ago
araskiss Paid Member
As a small business owner I can tell you YES you need insurance! Both for liability, someone hurts themselves on your property, and for your supplies, poles, floor, pads, etc. Different companies specialize in different businesses. If there are any locally owned dance shops or gymnastic studios close to you I suggest you call the owner and ask them. Insurance isn't terribly expensive I suggest getting as much as you can afford.

Think about all the ifs like, what if your home floods? Or someone trips in your driveway on the way out? I would also suggest making an LLC for your business to protect yourself. It limits your liability so if the worst does happen and you get sued they can't take your home, car, future earnings, etc.
13 days ago
sassylina Previous Paid Member
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