polertamikia8851 Previous Paid Member
Hey Everyone, I am wondering how long it took most of you to get the "basics" down? How long before you could invert? Some feed back from ladies/gents that were beginners ( never exercised much previously or had dance fitness background) would be fabulous.... I am just curious. I am on Day 7 of the 30 day program starting and so many questions pop in my mind!
Jul 17, 2020
Jihaleh Paid Member
Obviously everyone's fitness and pole journey is different, but personally I've been poling consistently since Jan and I'm still working on the very basics. I'm quite overweight and that meant I was completely unable to lift myself off the ground for a long time, but consistency is key. I'm aiming to be strong enough to invert by the end of the year.
That being said though, its also important to realise there's so many facets to pole. I may not be strong, but I have reasonable flow and flexibility, so dancing elements like floorwork and transitions come relatively smoothly. So don't feel like you have to master everything in one go. :)
Jul 17, 2020
Hi and welcome! It will be totally different for everyone! Depending on the time you have to spend on pole and the naturally ability it will really vary.

The most important thing for new dancers to remember is..... it's YOUR journey so don't compare. Take time to video, journal or take photos so you can see how you progress. It's really common for us to forget where we started and become frustrated with where we are. Looking back helps a ton!

Remember pole dance at any level can be fun and a wonderful workout. There's no level you need to reach, just enjoy!

Jul 17, 2020
Phoenix fire bird Paid Member
Oh welcome! I am a very strong person naturally but lack flexibility in many areas so my journey may be very different to yours. I don’t have a pole right now but will be getting an x stage soon but did used to do pole before having my child. I am currently focusing on strength training and floor work as well as flexibility. I sometimes get impatient that I don’t have my pole yet and have a sense of being left behind but really I am not as everyone’s journey is different and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses:-) I honestly believe the main thing is have fun and keep a pole diary. I write the moves down in a list and tick them off as I can do them and give myself a score out of 10. When I consider myself an 7,8,9 out of 10 I mark it as done and as I look back I can see more of how I have come so I can’t wait to add in moves in the pole when I get it. Find what works for you end above all enjoy. This is such a great community on here and Veena is amazing! I always think of us as the Veena family❤️Xxx
Jul 17, 2020
polertamikia8851 Previous Paid Member
Thank you ladies! I do know everyones journey is different, I was just curious with others. Tonight I did snap a few pics, so in a few months I can hopefully compare. When doing the start here 30 day program should I be trying to do any other programs on here or just follow that one only for 30 days.
Jul 19, 2020
Stick with the 30 days for now, but you can always add in a few moves or other things like floor work or chair. Just make sure you keep the suggested rest days. 😁
Jul 19, 2020
hookedonpole Previous Paid Member
When I first started years ago I was taking various work out classes and weight training. Pole is so different and I looked and felt like I'd never been off of the cough lol. I don't remember how long it took me to invert, but I remember I had to start from the bottom up when learning how to do basic pole hold, etc to hold my body. You are at a great place for instruction on how to build up and learn to invert, etc. I was taught incorrectly at a local studio and pulled a muscle in my rib cage so bad I thought I fractured a rib.

You will notice strength getting better with each new exercise, move, hold, progression step/level. Welcome to pole and to!
Jul 19, 2020
amelia2000 Paid Member
I poled from 2013-2016 and made essentially zero progress (I could climb and do a gemini and some other stuff).
We moved onto a boat, I bought and a frame and started lyra instead for about a year.
Started poling again summer of 2018, trained well for maybe 9 months ad made more progress then than I had in the years before. So all depends really. I did hardly any additional strength training first time round and had not a lot of time AND it was a 45mm pole, Inow have a 40mm)
Jul 20, 2020
RoMo Paid Member
Like Veena says, and I say it to the noobies at the studio I used to go to (ah, the good ol' days before Corona...), everyone's journey is different and don't compare...
The most important thing to remember is that progress is possible IF you practice.
I started 6 years ago with no strength, 80 kilos, and the average fitness of someone who enjoys food and Netflix. I still do.
But, two months into my training I could climb a pole and touch the ceiling, six months in and I could invert...
6 years, two pregnancies + births + getting off the pole for 6 months at a time... but I persisted, practiced and kept at it. I'm at a much more advanced stage and I am still working on my skills. :)

Good luck and enjoy the journey!
Jul 26, 2020
Colleen Paid Member
I've been poling for eight years, and I'm still not great at it. Getting excellent at pole takes lots of practice for most people. I never practiced as much as I should have, but I intend to change that as I continue my pole journey. Take advantage of Veena's 30 Day Take Off and go from there. Remember that if you take time off like I have done many times in the past, you put yourself behind. For example, we recently moved to Florida. I haven't poled in at least a month. I also no longer have a pole at my Florida home. (I was unable to bring mine from Chicago.) So not only do I need to get another pole, but I also need to find a studio. (With Veena's lessons, you don't have to attend a studio, but I like to do both.)
Jul 27, 2020
Not sure I can live without your lessons in my life Veena.
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