I can't win!! :(

Hey all!

So some of you may remember my chrome pole woes. I finally sold it, I couldn't find anywhere in Montreal that could powder coat it. Sold it, bought a powder coated X-Pole, and I've had it now for a few weeks.


But now I seem to have developed a whole new set of problems lol. I've always bruised easily anyway at class, that I don't care about, but holy pole burn to the extreme, MORE than at class. Maybe it's also because I'm poling more at home because we're in lockdown (5x last week vs 2x a week regularly on brass poles) but man it HURTS.

Is this normal? Will my skin get used to it? Normal combos that would cause bruising and some discomfort in class = I can try maybe 3 times max now before I am getting really sore. Tonight I'm just in so much pain it's not nice. And I have little tears in my skin in my inner thigh/croch area (TMI sorry) from doing sits on the pole. It's PAINFUL.

*sigh* :) Thanks guys
Oct 27, 2020
So happy your grip issue is over!

Yes, your skin will get use to it...actually you're brain and body will start to learn how to adjust your position and grip so it will not be as bad. This is very common with PC, brass and silicone. You don't have the luxury of sliding into place like on chrome.
Oct 27, 2020
Ok great to hear!! I am literally slathered head to toe in arnica gel and just hurting like no tomorrow.

I've been working hard these 2 weeks to put together a Halloween video and I've now decided to take 3 days off completely otherwise I won't be filming it at all. Yesterday was just so brutally painful I can barely touch my skin! :(

But it's wonderful to not have any sliding issues at all. I put on some Dry Hands once at the beginning and never again, what a difference! Thanks for letting me know my skin will adjust. I was literally thinking, damn should I have just saved up for awhile and gotten brass? Am I just not meant to pole?!!?! hahhaha :)

Thanks Veena :) xx
Oct 27, 2020
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