I can't grip

Rock n pole
Hello, I'm struggling with grip on the pole between my thighs. I slid right out of a layback the other day and out of a triangle knot!
Some days I grip, some days not.
I like in UK and humidity isn't a problem in my house, I've tried all the different finishes but I can only seem to grip to chrome and PC.
I only seem to grip if the pole is covered in dry hands, I don't like putting it on my skin as its sore and prevents me from doing static spins and slides.
I always warm the pole up and keep it clean. My thighs don't feel dry either.
If anybody has any tips I'd really appreciate it, thank you x
Aug 8, 2020
Hi! There's a lot more to grip than skin contact so it sounds like it's more of a technique issue. Depending on the move you might need to REALLY tip the hips like in pole sit. I've got a to of helpful info in the CKR CAR and Planks lessons. If you're trying to do any kind of laybacks with hips level its going to be a challenge.
Aug 8, 2020
ewebet72116 Previous Paid Member
I can't wait to try the chair routine! Looks super fun
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