I am back. Remember me? 2009-2012

velvetvixen Paid Member
Hi. I started pole in 2009 and was active in the community and pole jams. I took a break from pole due to traveling internationally alot/life. Now I'm back because I miss it and the people. I'm looking to get back to the level I was at before.

My favorite kind of pole is Polesque. :) I like dancing and outfits! I designed pole related items under the company Poletopia, for the people who may remember the store.

I am happy to see Veena's programs, as it just what I needed. Especially since I am always concerned with injury/safety. I also ordered a pole warmer since they exist now. :)

Im curious who is active on here from those years. Feel free to say Hi. :)
Jan 7, 2017
Hazi411 Paid Member
Hi there! I started pole in 2010. I'm not sure how long I've been on here.....
Jan 8, 2017
Hi! Welcome back 💜💜
Jan 8, 2017
Silver Sylph Paid Member
Hi Velvetvixen, I was definitely around then, I've been a member for about ten years now which makes me feel so old somehow! Great to have you back, I love the programs too as I work best when I have a structure to follow, polewarmers are brilliant aren't they, I wonder how I ever managed to pole in the cold weather before. 💜
Jan 8, 2017
velvetvixen Paid Member
Thanks. It's great you guys have stuck with pole for so long. While I have had a break, it was the only exercise I stuck with for a long time because it didn't seem like exercise.
Jan 10, 2017
chemgoddess1 Paid Member
I am still around! I know that some of the CBus and Cinci crew are still poling they just don't get on here much.
Jan 13, 2017
I remember you!! I'm trying to start back myself, have been off for three years or probably more?? Life gets in the way, no? :)
Jan 26, 2017
hookedonpole Paid Member
Hi, welcome back!!!! I've been here for about seven years. I'm still at it and having a blast. Veena has added so much and takes very good care of her veneers! I've also had the pleasure of actually meeting and spending time with her and her wonderful family! Again, welcome back!!!
Jan 27, 2017
yrngrl Paid Member
I take lessons in a studio, but between classes at home it is so helpful to have Veena's lessons to refresh my memory of what I learned in class and show me other moves I "should" be able to do based on what I already know. Instructions are so clear!
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