13 spooktacular days of creepy and uniquely Halloween styled pole moves. Hosted my me and my special guest @tropicalvertical I'm so excited to have Tropical hosting with me, be sure to follow us both! 🦇🦇 Costumes are very much encouraged because it's fun for everyone, but not required to win! You can share a photo or video of the daily move. As always the more INDIVIDUAL posts you share, the better your odds are of being randomly selected as the prize winners. You can find a complete list of the moves with REAL names on Studioveena.com! *🦇
Speaking of prizes the lovely @tiffanysglitterheels and @kupmykakez are sponsoring amazing prizes. Swipe left on my INSTAGRAM CHALLENGE POST to see these TREATS 🍬🍫
Here's how to play!
🦇 FOLLOW @studioveena @tropicalvertical @kupmykakez @tiffanysglitterheels
🎃 TAG your pole buddies!
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🕸️ POST your variations of the challenge move! This can be a photo or video
🕷️ PROFILE must be public to qualify for the prizes and to let us follow your posts!
@tropicalvertical and @studioveena (me) will post the move a day BEFORE so everyone has an example. Remember, if you want to work ahead you can find the list of moves on my website! Have fun!!!!!🧟🕷️☠️🎃🕸️🔮👻⚰️🧚👻👹

1🎃Witch sit AKA pole sit
2🎃‎Spinning witch AKA Superman spin
4🎃Fallen dead AKA pose on the floor
5🎃Descending corps AKA Shoulder mount slide
6🎃The Doll
7🎃Creepy ballerina
8🎃Broken doll
9🎃Bat AKA Inverted crucifix
10🎃Sleeping bat AKA Spiderman
13🎃Crucifix AKA Up right crucifix

Hope to see you all there!
Oct 8, 2018
TropicalVertical Paid Member
Sooooo exciting! 👻👻🎃🎃🎉🎉🎉🦇🦇🦇can’t wait to see all the spookiness
Oct 8, 2018
Neesy118 Previous Paid Member
I'm so excited. I don't think I have a lot of props, i might have to make a dollar store run!!!!
Oct 8, 2018
StrangeFox Paid Member
YES! You are totally encouraging me to run out and buy a bunch of Halloween costumes! I love Halloween so much...
Oct 8, 2018
robinska Previous Paid Member
I will definitely be participating!!
Oct 9, 2018
I'll be posting the first day starting tomorrow!!!!!
Oct 11, 2018
Sunshine Goddess Previous Paid Member
I love the website! Thank you for all the knowledge, time and energy you put in making poling more accessible and easy to learn!
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