How to flow into a basic inversion?

StrangeFox Paid Member
Hey guys, does anyone have any creative (beginner) tips on how to "flow" into a basic inversion?

There was a move I learned today where you're in cradle and you extend your outside leg and hook it onto the pole, then move into an inversion from there (we're still practicing extending a leg in cradle without over-loading the bottom arm and haven't yet pieced together the inversion part, but it looks pretty cool). I guess you could flow a pose or a back bend into an invert as well. Anything else anyone can think of? :)
Jul 6, 2017
I can't think of any beginner options other than from the floor stuff. The one you mentioned is pretty challenging too. Here's the lesson if you wanna work on it at home too. Split grip invert []
Jul 7, 2017
StrangeFox Paid Member
Ah yes... that's the one we were doing in class! Thanks Veena! I practiced at home and can pull myself into an inversion from that position but it isn't pretty or consistent so looks like I need a bit more strength and practice. I'll get it eventually. :)

I felt like I'd hit a plateau a couple of weeks ago but after doing your exercises I am definitely seeing gains. Although I had been working my lower abs like crazy I wasn't actually engaging my muscles due to poor form. My muscles are rather slow learners and your lessons really help break it down for them. Thank you, thank you, thank you again from the bottom of my heart for creating this wonderful resource! ❤❤❤
Jul 8, 2017
I polekat I
When I am trying to flow into an invert I tend to either do it from a back spin, this is quite hard though, as it's basically an aerial invert. Or alternatively I will just sweep my outside leg around in a circle so I am moving backwards slightly, then invert. Hope this makes sense! I found it was easier to flow into my inverts when I was able to deadlift them =]
Jul 17, 2017
StrangeFox Paid Member
I'm not yet strong enough to deadlift, but those are excellent options to keep in mind for when I am. :) I like the sweeping backwards option a lot and will definitely give that a try. Thanks polekat!
Jul 17, 2017
Phoenix Hunter Previous Paid Member
Veena I have been doing this challenge and my inverts have improved astronomically! thank you. my inverts were very weak and sometimes would not be able to invert at all. this has helped so much.
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